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  • Carpet Rose

    Aptenia cordifolia

    The Carpet Rose is a vibrant light green succulent which will either grow as a vigorous ground cover or in a hanging basket. This plant will grow up to 60cm in length, and when mature will produce beautifully contrasted star-like magenta-pink flowers

  • Purple Aptenia

    Aptenia Lancifolia

    This succulent has the common names “Purple Aptenia” and “Lance-leaved Ice Plant”, the latter thanks to its lance-shaped leaves. It also bears large, reddish-rose-magenta coloured blossoms. A hugely popular plant for sunny spots outdoors, whether in tubs, urns or other containers, or bright window boxes and even succulent wreaths. Native to Malta.

  • Variegated Carpet Rose

    Aptenia cordifolia variegata

    Variegated Carpet Rose, Aptenia cordifolia variegata, is a stunning succulent that is perfect for adding color and texture to any garden or hanging basket. The heart-shaped leaves of this plant are variegated with shades of cream and green, and the plant produces small, vibrant pink flowers that contrast beautifully with the foliage. Native to South…

  • White Aptenia

    Aptenia geniculiflorais

    The White Aptenia (Aptenia geniculiflora) is a beautiful deciduous perennial succulent that is commonly cultivated for its ornamental qualities. This plant features glossy, fleshy green leaves that are heart-shaped, and it produces self-fertilizing flowers that range from white to pale yellow. Fast-growing and easy to care for, the White Aptenia is a popular choice for…

  • Yellow Carpet Rose

    Aptenia haeckeliana

    Introducing the Yellow Carpet Rose, Aptenia haeckeliana, a stunning succulent that is perfect for adding color and texture to your garden or indoor space. This low-growing, tender perennial is prized for its beautiful lime-green foliage and interspersed yellow daisy-like flowers that bloom all winter long, even indoors. The Yellow Carpet Rose is a drought-tolerant succulent…