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  • Pregnant Onion

    Albuca bracteata

    The Pregnant Onion, also known as False Sea Onion, Sea-onion, or German Onion, is a visually stunning succulent that is highly coveted by collectors for its unique and striking appearance. With a height that can reach up to 90cm, this succulent boasts a tall stem that is crowned with small, fragrant white flowers, each with…

  • Spirals

    Albuca spiralis

    The Spirals, scientifically known as Albuca spiralis, is a fascinating and visually captivating succulent that boasts a variety of charming common names, such as Frizzle Sizzle, Corkscrew Albuca, and Spiral Leaved Albuca. The most striking feature of this plant lies in its leaves, which spiral and curl, giving rise to its intriguing appearance. With a…