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  • Copper Pinwheel

    Aeonium haworthii

    The Copper Pinwheel is a medium sized succulent which forms neat rosettes of blue-green leaves, which each stem growing up to 60cm in height. The Copper Pinwheel can be adaptable to indoor conditions, but would prefer sunnier positions. Aeonium Haworthii is commonly known as the Copper Pinwheel which is native to the Spanish Canary Islands…

  • Pinwheel

    Aeonium decorum

    Aeonium Decorum, also known as Pinwheel or Green Pinwheel, is a beautiful succulent native to the Canary Islands. With its light green rosettes and thick branches, this branching succulent can form small mounds and add a colorful touch to any collection. The Pinwheel thrives in humid climates and prefers well-drained soils. If you’re growing it…

  • Variegated Pinwheel

    Aeonium castello paivae variegata

    One of the smaller species of Aeoniums which are native to northern Africa, this is one of the most beautiful evergreen cultivars. A small succulent reaching only around 30 cm tall and wide, its compact rosettes are around 10 cm in diameter and formed from attractive pale green leaves that are variegated with cream and…