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  • Bulbees

    Adromischus alstonii

    Description: This succulent typically develops thick, fleshy silvery green leaves that look more like giant petals. Adromischus is an ancient Greek word meaning adros (thick) and mischos (stem). Size: Up to 15cm Flowers: Bright green tubular flowers Growing Season: South Africa Positioning: Bulbees like a bright, sunny position. They can be grown in a very small…

  • Crinkle Leaf Plant

    Adromischus cristatus

    The Adromischus Cristatus, commonly referred to as the Crinkle Leaf Plant or Key Lime Pie, is a unique and charming succulent native to South Africa. This compact and slow-growing plant features branching stems in shades of green to grey-green, with a distinctive crinkled edge that adds to its visual appeal. During the flowering season, the…

  • Plover Eggs

    Adromischus hemisphaericus

    Commonly known as “Plover Eggs”, this is one of around 28 species of Adromischus, small clumping leaf succulents which are very popular, easy-to-grow container plants. A dwarf shrublet with woody stems and attractive, fleshy, thick, silvery-green leaves that bear darker spots and have a waxy ‘bloom’ on the surface. Flowers are small and greenish-red, but…

  • Plover Eggs Cooperi

    Adromischus cooperi

    A cute, dwarf succulent of a species known for its naturally long life, this variant of a South African native is a freely branching perennial which grows to just 7cm tall and 15cm wide. It has short, spreading, grey-brown stems featuring large, plump, silver-grey leaves that are speckled with tinges of duck egg green and…