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Please ensure all your questions are answered before making a purchase. Feel free to contact us with the contact form on this page.

All orders are dispatched every Tuesday via Express Post.

Orders with payment received before Sunday Midnight 11:59 PM will be processed on Monday and dispatched on Tuesday.

In our experience, 90% of orders will be delivered the next day but some take up to 5 days.

All plants are removed from their pots and soil cleaned away as this is the safest and cheapest way of shipping. Succulents are extremely hardy, and this will not harm your plants but will just appear “dry and thirsty”.

All orders are packaged with environmentally friendly compostable packaging peanuts.

  • The plant you ordered.
  • A UV stabilized pot label.
  • Easy potting instructions.
  • NOT INCLUDED – Plastic pot and soil.

Yes, please contact us if you wish to do so. There is a contact form on this page.

By default we send bare rooted as this is the most cost-effective way to post the plants and is what most customers want.

No, but if you would like a photo of the exact plant you will be receiving please contact us with a list of plants and sizes you would like and we will happily take the photos for you and keep the plants aside for you.

If we haven’t heard from you in a week we will place the plants back in circulation.

Yes, If you are not 100% satisfied with your order please contact us as soon as you receive you order and also please have a read of our Returns and refund policy.

We use Insecticides, Fungicides and Herbicides which are poisonous. Some succulents are naturally poisonous eg. the Desert Rose sap is used in Africa to coat arrow heads which will slow the heart rate of the prey.

Even though many of our succulents are known for their agricultural and medicinal uses, all the plants at the Ezy Care Succulents nursery are propagated for ornamental purposes only.

We will not take any responsibility if you decide to eat or use these plants as medicine in anyway.

No, but we are currently undergoing auditing and infrastructure upgrades to be able to do this. Australia has some of the most strict quarantine laws in world to protect our fragile native wildlife.

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